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What is a community development trust?

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

From the windswept coastline of North Yell in Shetland to the vibrant market town of Kirkudbright in Dumfries and Galloway, there are over 340 community development trusts in Scotland working with local people to address local needs through community-led initiatives.

The same but different

No two communities are the same, therefore, no two community development trusts are the same. But our work is based on the same principle:

“ … to create social, economic and environmental renewal in a defined geographical area, creating wealth within that area and keeping it there.”

Development Trusts Association Scotland

Development trusts are:

  • Independent, community-owned and led

  • Engaged in the economic, environmental and social regeneration of a defined area

  • Committed to working in partnership arrangements that are initiated by the community and

  • Most importantly, enterprising.

What can we learn from other communities?

Development trusts take action on issues or opportunities that matter to their community.

Along the coast from Dunoon, in nearby Ardentinny, the Trust revived the run down historic Glenfinart Walled Garden. Not only is Glenfinart a thriving garden once again, it is now a space for their community to come together.

Over on the community-owned Isle of Gigha, their Trust is developing local assets, creating work opportunities and generating income to invest in the island’s future. They brought Achamore walled garden back to life and created a new campsite. Developing green power and renewable energy solutions are also a focus of the Trust’s work.

Check out what other development trusts are up to

What does this mean for Dunoon Community Development Trust?

We recognise that there are a lot of incredible people doing incredible things across our town. Dunoon is a town with big ambitions. It’s just that, sometimes, people are not as connected as they could be.

That’s where the Trust comes in.

We see the potential to have a bigger impact if more people in Dunoon can join forces.

Building connections

We bring people, ideas and resources together and support community-led activities that are:

  • good for our environment,

  • good for our economy,

  • good for our people.

Read more about how we work?

Connecting Dunoon for wellbeing

Enjoying a blether over a hot bowl of soup. Getting together to grow food and share skills. Having an easy way to find out what is on or how to volunteer in Dunoon. Our funding for 2023 to 2026 supports creating opportunities to connect with your community in a way that is also good for your wellbeing.

This includes

• Opportunities to join forces to make change and improve our town.

• Better sharing of information, so you know what’s happening.

• More chances to connect and engage with the Trust.

• Volunteering opportunities for your wellbeing.

• A Local Place Plan that considers the wellbeing of our people.

Read more about our funding.

Creating moments to connect

Ann Campbell the Trust’s partnership and development manager comments: “There are voices in Dunoon that are not being heard. People who may benefit from local volunteer activities or projects may not know they’re happening. And we’d like to change that. We’re creating more ways for people to connect with what’s happening in Dunoon.”

Find out how you can connect

  • Become a member

  • Volunteering opportunities

  • Come to Soup-er Sundays

  • Find out What’s on Dunoon

  • Collaborate with us

  • Browse local resources

Taking Dunoon Forward

Surrounded by nature, filled with enterprising people and proud of our rich cultural heritage; Dunoon is a great place to live, work and learn.

We want to build on these strong foundations and improve the quality of life for all people in Dunoon. Having a clear community-led vision for the future of the town will help to make change with a lasting impact.

That’s why we’re supporting key partners to create Dunoon’s Local Place Plan. We want those local ambitions to be heard on a regional level and fed into the Argyll and Bute Council planning system.

Local Place Plans

“can support community aspirations on the big challenges for a future Scotland, such as responding to the global climate emergency and tackling inequalities. They are an opportunity for real, community-based change.”

Connecting Dunoon

To make change. To improve our town.

We bring people, ideas and resources together to improve the quality of life in Dunoon.

You can support Dunoon Community Development Trust by becoming a member. Membership is free and open to individuals over the age of 14. Organisations can also become afiliate members of the DCDT. For more information go here>


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