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Dunoon Open for Business Directory - Thinking Local in Lockdown and beyond

A new online directory, created by volunteers who are local freelance workers, gives up-to-date contact details for over 130 businesses and support organisations able to operate through this lockdown period. The directory is just one click away on the Dunoon Area Alliance website.

Using connections developed through SURF’s Dunoon Area Alliance, this team of local volunteers has created a useful resource that includes contact details for grocery stores, post offices, carry out food providers, emergency repairs and support groups.

The latest version of list has also been printed as a central feature in the Dunoon Observer, the local weekly newspaper, to ensure access for all. The newspaper feature was funded by Dunoon Presents BID with funding from Scotland’s Towns Partnership Resilience Fund.

Co-ordinated by Ann Campbell of Dunoon Area Alliance this initiative has greatly benefited from the skills of the Dunoon & Cowal Coworks network of freelance workers. Dunoon & Cowal Coworks is an informal network of freelance workers, small businesses and micro-enterprises based across our area, which aims to develop connections and highlight the range of skills available in the Dunoon area.

Ann Campbell of Dunoon Area Alliance said: ‘We were very aware of the need to ‘Think Local’ to help businesses survive these exceptional circumstances. We had been actively sharing information on individual local businesses that were open for business through our social media channels as the details became available. When we saw the extent of the what is actually available, we realised that an online version of an old-style ‘Yellow Pages’ could help people to access contact details more easily.

The first version of the directory was a simple spreadsheet, which we shared through our email newsletter, but we needed to find a way to make it more widely available online. That is where the fantastic range of skills within Dunoon & Cowal Coworks came to the fore. Tony Lucas introduced us to Smartsheet, an online system that supports collaborative work, and this enabled us to have a number of people updating the list while keeping it live online at all times. Hannah Clinch of Tacit-Tacit Design adapted our Dunoon Area Alliance website to include a clear link to the directory and has now added a special online form for any businesses to complete to make sure their details are included.

We think there is ongoing value in building this local online directory and we are working in partnership with Dunoon Presents BID to find ways to extend its life and content as the lockdown situation changes and more businesses are able to trade.’

Any businesses, sole traders or freelance workers who are able to operate safely during lockdown can submit their details to be added to the directory here on the DAA website.

Please note that Dunoon Area Alliance does not promote or endorse any of the businesses included and everyone should continue to exercise their usual caution when arranging any purchases and services, following social distancing guidance at all times.


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